Slots Rules

Slot machine is the most popular and easiest game to play in any casino. Just push the button - what can be easier? But there are some slot rules which you need to know. Slot rules are simple but important.

Land based slot rules

First what you need to do is to read the pay table of the machine. Each slot has its own paytable so you should read it in order to select the one that suits you most.

After you selected slot machine you want to play you will need to pay for the game. Different slot machines have a different payment method: some accept real money, while others need special chips or tickets.

Then you need to select the way you want to play - how much you want to bet, or how many paylines you want to bet on. There can be a maximum bet button as well - to bet a max amount of coins per max number of lines.

Then you need to start the game by pulling the old-fashioned lever, or pushing the button on the front side of slot machine. Some very advanced slot machines are activated by simply touching the machine's screen.

When the machine is activated all you need is to wait when it stops. All modern machines have a RNG (random number generator) which generates numbers for the machine constantly, and when you start the game, the RNG tells the machine's computer where to stop. If you formed a line of the same symbols or numbers then you have won!

When the reels, or simply a picture of reels on slot's screen, have stopped - it is the end of the game. You can win or you can lose. It is only a question of your luck.

Some slots give away your prize right after each game, if you won of course, other machines make a count of your winnings until you will push the corresponding button to receive your money.

There are additional options in some slots like jackpots and bonuses.

Jackpot slot machines or slots have a special combination randomly generated by the RNG which is a jackpot combination. Of course jackpots are different, it can be a big sum of money or even a car!

Bonuses are something different. Slots bonus is a special symbol or a combination of symbols, that wins extra money or extra options.

Online slots rules

Same as land based slots online slots are the most popular game in online casinos. Online slot rules are the same as land based slot rules. All you need is to choose the game you want to play in, pay the money, spin the wheel and wait for your prize, or play again if you lose. The difference is that you don't need to go to a casino to play slots, because you can play them at any place you want via Internet. You can play for free as well! Of course there will be no prize, but you can try and practice before starting to play for real money.