Live Dealer Games

Gambling as one of the parts of social life is permanently developing now. Today no one is surprised with mobile gambling or abundance of free games, online tournaments have also become so common that no one can even be surprised with such competitions. But for many gamblers live dealer games are still some kind of a magic when you can stay at two places at one and the same time - your home and real casino room.

How They Appeared

Though online gambling today is extremely popular, many players (mostly those who have experience of gambling at traditional casino) admit that it lacks atmosphere of real casino, and even emotions are not so bright when you play online as there are no people who scream and support you, no dealer who really guides the game, you cannot touch the wheel to make it lucky for you or kiss a pair of dice to win the game.

And then the simple decision came to the minds of game developers - software that has features of online casino, but the game itself is played in real mode in casino room with dealer! Live dealer games became popular instantly, and today many players prefer this way of playing casino games.

What Games Can be Played in Live Mode?

In fact, all games that involve dealer can be played in live mode. It means that you can play poker, baccarat, blackjack and even roulette in this way! Unfortunately, such games as slots and video poker cannot be played like that, but as you know, the screen of the game at online casino and at traditional casino are almost the same.

Pay attention that many casinos offer multiplayer live dealer games. It means that if you play blackjack, dealer will deal cards for all players who are now in the game. If you want to play alone, chose single-player games.


This should not be the point that bothers you as payouts of live dealer games are absolutely the same as payouts of online and traditional games. The only tricky point is that the betting limits can be higher than in other games or in rare cases you need to pay fee for playing such games.

If you still hesitate whether you should play this type of casino games, you should leave all doubts behind. You will never understand until you try it. So download the software of casino you want to play and choose Live Games. Now you can be totally involved in the atmosphere of Las Vegas, full of expectation and hope. But be careful, live games are too great, it will be difficult to stop playing them.