Flat Betting

Even though there is quite a wide range of casino betting systems, one of the most popular betting strategies is the flat system. In fact, more than 75 percent of casino players use this system. Flat betting is one of the best and safest ways to approach a game. In a nutshell, flat betting is generally what the name says in the sense that you decide to bet with the same amount of cash depending on your bank roll anytime you are placing a bet. Another variant of flat betting is where by you bet a specific/ fixed bankroll amount for all the bets that you wager, say like 2 percent.

Differences of Betting Systems

But why should you use flat bets? Even though other betting systems like Kelly Criterion, Martingale and progressive betting might appear to be more glamorous and fancy at first glance, these systems are also more volatile simply because of their nature. Volatility in this regard means that there is a high tendency of your bankroll going down and up on a coaster ride which yields bottoms and tops which you might not be ready to handle emotionally and mentally. The psychology of using a flat bet is that it protects you from such devastating moments when your bankroll is approaching zero.

The other betting systems tend to form and shape your betting returns in a more optimized manner as you have the option of determining the probability of results. While some of these systems might mean more returns than flat bet, their outcome is not something that the average Tom and Joe should really focus. Before you progress to the more complicated systems, it is important that you first learn the ABC of betting which is only possible with flat betting. Casino betting is extremely dynamic and flat betting gives you a peace of mind in a way. Odds in betting are forever on the move as the bookmakers seem to interpret the betting stats in a different way.

The betting platform is quite hectic and operates more like financial market where you sometimes don't know what your next move will bring you. As such, you should only focus on other detailed concepts if you can quantify them and translate your findings to near accurate probability and statistics. For the average betters, the best way to do it is by flat betting. Your chances of getting close to true odds in any event are always low and fooling yourself that you can do it only ends up ruining your bank roll.

From the above insights, it is pretty clear that unless you are a betting star, it is advisable that you opt for the flat betting system. This will not only help you in securing your profits but also helps in maximizing your betting entertainment and enjoying the fun of casino gambling at the minimum possible risk and cost. As such, flat betting is a more secure system for the casual players and new casino players who want feel the game first without risking their bankroll.