Certification Bodies

In the modern gambling era, internet casinos are no longer considered to be something extraordinary, but rather appear to be a part of the players' everyday mundane routine. This can't but affect the changes, regarding the basic requirements to online casinos, which are willing to stay at the top for a long time, and continue increasing their admirers' community. In particular, the developed international standards of safety, fair play and convenience play an unbelievably essential part in maintaining, or even elevating any casino's reputation.

Nevertheless, as the frauds will, probably, never disappear, there once came the moment within the evolution of online gambling, when respectable sites as well as the regulatory bodies faced the urgent necessity to find a way to differentiate safe online casinos from those, providing insufficient levels of security.

Licenses Aren't Enough

The appearance of licensing jurisdictions, in this respect, was unbelievably beneficial, as only the decent online gambling site could receive a casino license. At the same time, there were soon found out considerable drawbacks, concerning some regions' activities, such as Costa Rica, for instance, which, unfortunately, failed to regulate the part of the gambling market, falling under its jurisdiction. Therefore, it was only when international certification bodies were introduced, that the situation finally changed to better.

Casinos Inspection Detected

Nowadays, there're differentiated more, than 10 independent certification bodies all over the world, which deal with the matters of regular monitoring and auditing of internet casinos' activities. Still, there can be defined several of them, that are nowadays believed to be the most objective and reputable ones. These are the following:

  • e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA)

    Having been created back in 2003, eCOGRA is recognized to be the most conservative one among the other certification bodies. The organization's activities and measures are majorly aimed at providing the highest levels of security, as far as money transactions within online casinos are concerned.

  • Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC)

    Being well-known as one of the top auditing companies of the world, within online gambling industry Price Waterhouse Coopers also concentrates its attention on monitoring the sites' taxation and finance documents with a general aim of finding out, if they have a right to be called safe.

  • Technical Systems Testing (TST)

    Having appeared in 1993, TST is now specialized in checking the quality of the web-based gaming platforms, offered by online casinos. In this respect, it's, first of all, about the software providers, that a particular internet gambling site cooperates with, which are to be checked.

    All things considered, the introduction of the certification bodies within the online gambling market was definitely a huge step on the road to all internet casinos' safety.

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