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Wheel of Chance II - The Big Wheel Slots

Having begun in the end of the 20th century, internet casino industry has already passed a long way of its development, as is now known to have reached the highest peak of its evolution. Therefore, most experts agree with the fact, that the best online gambling sites are the ones to dictate their rules in the modern world.


It all started in the 90's, when land casinos could no longer satisfy the demands of millions gamblers, craving for considerable innovations to be introduced. Moreover, it became quite inconvenient for a great deal of players to have a long way to Las Vegas, for instance, as far as the US residents are concerned. In a whole, it seemed absolutely obvious, that something had to be done, to provide all the casino clients with additional options.

Here, it was exactly the appearance of first, still not the best online gambling in 1994, much due to the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act being processed at that time, which solved most of the problems, majorly because it enabled people play online blackjack, slots or joker poker, for example, without leaving their homes, or offices.

Breathtaking Progressive Slots

The further steps, taken by online casino market, are recognized to be closely connected with the dates, when internet gambling sites started accepting real money, instead of virtual, as well as with the introduction of progressive slots in 1998. These turned to be twice exciting for gamblers to play, and winning a progressive jackpot practically meant getting a fortune, as its value rose gradually with every next bet. In particular, it was the year of 2002, when $1,500,000-jackpot was hit by one of the players.

New Age - New Achievements

The new millennium was undoubtedly beneficial for the best online gambling industry, mainly because the most famous reputable casino software providers entered the market with brand-new web-based gaming platforms, providing players with a wide range of entertainment options, so the gaming process was from then on not only profitable, but also incredibly entertaining.

Challenges Remain

At the same time, the disadvantages of internet casinos, such as numerous cases of fraudulence, stayed the same. That was, perhaps, why eCommerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) was established in 2003, generally aiming at the prevention of illegal online gambling, and the elimination of sites, which didn't guarantee their clients the proper level of service and safety.

What's now?

Today, most online casinos offer an incredible number of choice options, concerning the games' variations available for their clients, or payment options, for instance. No wonder, that the team of best online gambling sites fans continues growing constantly, many of them starting playing as mere beginners, who soon achieve their goals to become real gambling professionals.