Microgaming Software

The development of online casinos couldn't but affect the appearance of software providers, in order to provide the players with convenient gaming interfaces, which would make the gambling process more entertaining and exciting.

Undoubtedly, the number of currently existing software providers is just incredible, although not all of them happen to offer high-quality services to clients. Here, taking into consideration the global online casino safety-policy, the importance of figuring out the most reputable market players has arisen.

Notably, having conducted detailed research, the analysts have defined the list of the so-called trustworthy software providers, among which, along with Vegas Tech Software, for instance, Microgaming Software appears to have one of the top positions.

Meet the Grandee

Having been established in 1994, Microgaming was the first company to introduce its gaming products to the online casino industry. Nevertheless, even the initial prototypes were highly innovative and comprised the excellent graphics, for example, which became one of the essential reasons, why the company quickly gained its reputation of a reliable partner among the largest casinos of the world.

Security - Approved

Within the years, Microgaming Software has proved its having reached perfection, much due to its cooperation with the well-known certification bodies, such as Price Waterhouse Coopers, for instance, the regular audits of which showed the company's absolute credibility, regarding its transparency policy and payoff-control options.

What's New?

In addition to classic gaming platforms, created by the company, it is also famous to have developed a huge selection of progressive slots, all featuring excellent interface and, besides, providing the largest progressive jackpots. Furthermore, Microgaming Software has recently moved much forward and invented a special mobile application for the most passionate and devoted gamblers - GameWire. This is now supported by all the popular mobile phones manufactures, such as Motorola, Samsung, Nokia and many others.

Flawless…or Not

With its famous slogan "We are the Game", Microgaming is now as much admirable by gamblers and online casino owners, as it used to be in the beginning of its history. At the same time, there will always exist fastidious players, who are now sometimes annoyed by pre-game clips, offered by the company's gaming platforms, for instance. But can this trifle be even compared with the unbelievable amount of advantages?

Get Ready for More

All things considered, it's completely obvious that Microgaming Software is not likely to lose either its popularity, or excellent reputation within the upcoming years. Why is that so? Because thousands of the company's employees are daily working hard to develop more exciting applications for the gamblers, so that no one is left unsatisfied.