Australian Gambling Law

Players from Australia are known as the most avid gamblers. They play casino games 24/7 and they always look for some new opportunities of receiving bonus offers and promotions to make their game more exciting. But does the online gambling is legal in Autrallia? This question remains unknown for everyone who starts to play at online casinos. It this article we are going to give a brief guide to gambling laws in Australia, which you will be able to use like Australian online casinos guide for legal gambling.

Legality of Gambling

According to statistic data, more than 80% of Australian dwellers play casino games. Some of them do that in online casinos, others go to online gambling rooms looking for some lucrative opportunities. Of course, not all the casinos which exist at the territory of this country have legal approval, especially those that work online.

Online gambling is regulated at the territory of Australia by The Interactive Gambling Act and it states that all advertisements of gambling for money and offering of gambling services are strong violation of the law. At the same time, there are some articles which regulate gambling at the territory of Australia – they admit gambling and do not forbid the residents of this country to play at online casinos. If you’d like to find out more about casino certification procedures, you can check this chapter of our site.

Among the huge number of online casinos which operate at the territory of Australia, you can find those that are not approved by special gambling commissions and have no certifications and licensing, but also there are some which have all of them. For example, one of the few casinos that operates legally in Australia provides player with all of the possible protection measures so you can always be sure that your money account is safe.

Gambling Peculiarities

Although gambling is prohibited in most parts of Australian continent, there are some laws which regulate the gambling throughout all country. One of this laws is connected with taxation. As you probably know, most of the countries have taxes on winning, so you always get less than you’ve actually won. In Australia the situation is absolutely different, because there are no taxes for winnings in gambling games.

Due to this law, Australia has become one of the main destination for gamblers, as even in Las Vegas and Macau your winnings are always taxed which means that you cannot get the full prize, only a part of it, although the biggest one.

Playing in Australia is a good way of having fun, but it is extremely important to know and obey all of the gambling rules which exist there. Do not forget to check them before you start to play!


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Gambling tips are inconceivably beneficial for newbies, who haven't received sufficient gambling experience and need guidelines to follow not to lose much the very beginning. Skilled players, yet, may also find common gambling tips useful.

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