Kahnawake Jurisdiction

Undoubtedly, online gambling industry has reached considerable heights within its history, the latest part of it being pretty much connected with the problem of security.

Here, it was due to the appearance of versatile licensing jurisdictions all around the world, in particular, which has added much to the safety of the vast majority of internet casinos that offer their services to players, although the mere fact that a certain gambling site has a valid casino license, yet can't assure the gamblers' funds security to the fullest.

Among other licensing jurisdictions, many of them covering large territories, such as Antigua-Barbuda jurisdiction, for instance, the Kahnawake jurisdiction, on the contrary, happens to regulate online casinos' activities only within the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake (Canada). At the same time, such a concentrated area of responsibility couldn't but turn it into one of the most reputable jurisdictions of the world.

First Steps

Having been established in 1996, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has soon successfully developed major gaming guidelines and requirements for internet sites, which apply for receiving the license. These are till now based on the Kahnawake Gaming Law and the Regulations Concerning Interactive Gaming (1999) and presuppose that each licensed casino has to follow the standards of fair play and financial security.

Digital Development

Further on, with the development of computer technologies, which now tend to govern the modern gambling world, there has appeared a necessity to establish a regulatory body, which would deal with brand-new web-based gaming platforms, especially as far as their interactive variations are concerned. In this respect, the appearance of Mohawk Internet Technologies (MIT) became a real remedy, which solved the problem.

How Much Is It?

As for the licensing fees, there're several of them, all being so-called non-refundable, as the value of them can never be paid back to the casinos. The first one is known to be an interactive gaming license fee and equals CAD$25,000, whereas the other ones include probity check and system testing deposit fee (CAD$15,000) and the 1st-year license fee (CAD$10,000).

From the Ground - to the Stars

Although the Kahnawake licensing jurisdiction has now lately become a respectable one, there couldn't but occur certain black pages in its history, such as the scandal, including 2 poker sites, which spoilt its reputation a bit. Nevertheless, the region's authorities have learned their lessons, therefore, the future of the jurisdiction isn't endangered anymore.