Legal Online Gambling

As long as online casino evolution has reached its heating point, the matter of legislation has recently gained as much importance, as the problems, concerning the internet sites' safety.

Despite this, there haven't yet been established distinct international laws, connected with the notion of legal online gambling, although the majority of countries in the world have already achieved considerable results in putting internet casinos' activities under control.

How Legislation Works Worldwide

Generally speaking, each state, no matter what continent it's situated on, is considered responsible for implementing specific gambling policy within its territory. At the same time, there may be distinguished certain tendencies, concerning the way, how playing online blackjack, or slots is legislated in versatile regions of the world:

  • The European Union and its members

    As for the set of laws, common for all the members of the EU, there exists none. Nevertheless, it's officially stated, that each country has a right to make its own decisions, as for whether to except legal online gambling as a fact, or ban it for all sakes.

    The majority of countries, including France, Austria, Norway, or Denmark, for instance, have legalized online casinos, of course, as soon as the latter have relative licenses and provide sufficient levels of security to their players.

    On the other hand, whereas some of the countries, such as the UK, have made all online gambling legal and tend to invite casinos, belonging to foreign jurisdictions, like Gibraltar jurisdiction, for example, to join the internal internet gambling market, others, among which Holland might be mentioned, happen to give the work permission only the state-based casinos.

  • Eastern-European Countries (except for the EU members)

    Current Eastern-European states' policies are rather in favour of legal online gambling within the countries, although some politicians have recently uttered certain ideas, concerning the abolishment of online casinos.

  • The United States

    As for the federal laws, regulating the online gambling industry, these aren't numerous, and the whole market is known to be legislated according to Federal Wire Act of 1961, which presupposes the illegality of gambling by means of mobile phones, or internet.

    Still, each state, possessing its own internal legislation is supposed to decide itself, whether to allow online casinos work legally, or not. Here, Nevada is known to be the most loyal state among the others, while Utah, for instance, is vice versa.

  • The gambling laws of Australia and New Zealand presuppose the legality of online casinos, as long as they are licensed within these countries.

It's Never Enough

All things considered, no matter how much has been done, regarding the legality of online casinos, the misunderstandings and controversies haven't yet disappeared. Notably, it's the problem of the US citizens' inability to play online roulette, for example, within a great deal of world's internet sites. Therefore, there are, apparently, a great number of further implementations, concerning legal online gambling, which are waiting to be introduced.