TST Certification

The epithet "digital" is nowadays, perhaps, the most suitable adjective, which may be used to describe the modern world, as the development of brand-new technologies and internet has become one of the mighty driving forces, which altered all the spheres of people's lives. Here, obviously, the gambling industry wasn't an exception from the rule and was really affected by the growth of internet influence, which, after all, made online casino evolution possible.

Need for TST

Further on, as the notion of safety gradually acquired additional importance, the technical aspect of online casinos' work also came into the experts' view. In this respect, it was absolutely logical, that within the established certification bodies, there appeared the one, which fully concentrated its activities on the audit of online casinos' web-sites, including the gaming platforms they offer, their interface peculiarities and other technical aspects - that was TST.

Having been created in 1993, Technical Systems Testing (majorly known as TST) is nowadays recognized as one of the most famous and reputable certification bodies, the TST certification results being one of the guidelines for licensing jurisdictions, concerning the fact, whether a certain gambling site should receive a casino license, or not.

What Is It About?

The monitoring and auditory procedures are extremely complicated and involve numerous specialists' work, though may be divided into 2 main parts. These are the following:

  • The Random Number Generator (RNG) Testing

    Most internet casino games, such as online roulette, or slots variations are known to be the games of chance and work on the basis of RNG. Therefore, if only the latter works properly, the gamblers can be sure of the fact, that their chances to win depend rather on their being lucky, than on the casino itself. That's why TST certification is completely impossible without checking this crucial point.

  • Games' Testing

    In this part of the auditory process, TST certification may be considered as the one, having been passed successfully, if the web-based gaming platforms are convenient for players, being quite easy to download and install. In addition to that, it's also essential that the site's interface comprises bright high-quality graphics and sounds, so that the gambling process is as entertaining as possible.

    Furthermore, the payoff calculations are also audited carefully, as this is what predetermines the players' winnings.

The Life after TST

Having passed TST certification process successfully, online casinos can assure themselves of the wonderful perspectives, which from then on are open in front of them. The reasons, here, are clear: most licensing jurisdictions as well as the vast majority of gamblers all around the world consider TST to be absolutely trustworthy, so the popularity and, consequently, the profits of the above-mentioned casinos will definitely swell.