Instant Games

If you are just making your debut to the world of online casinos, you will realize that there are two versions of gaming software that support online casino games. There is the instant no download play flash versions and the download software of casino software. Both of them offer exciting entertainment but each of them has its set of characteristics that it uniquely attractive and undesirable in some ways. As such, you need to know which of the two software options to use when playing casino games either for fun or for money.

How Instant Games are Played

Instant online casino games are generally powered by the flash technology and players get to play the games directly or instantly in the web browser. This means that you will play through Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or any other web browser you are using. As such, to access instant online casino games, you will need to load a Flash plug-in in your computer so that the casino game can be downloaded and then play it instantly without downloading it into your computer. This obviously means that instant online casino games help you to play much quickly compared to the download game versions. This instant play games and the lobby have very light file sizes which makes it easier for them to load on your computer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Instant Games

The good thing is that casinos that offer the download and instant play versions offer the same number of games. Sometimes, a game is scaled down so that it can load within the flash but other game features still remain untouched. Instant online casino games have their advantages and disadvantages as you shall soon understand. On the pros, you get to play instant casino games from any computer you want in the world and you don't have to go through the troubles of re-downloading the software when you need to play in another computer. In addition, instant casino games make it more convenient to play your favorite game within popular web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer and the rest.

Instant online casino games also have the advantage of quick starting than download casinos especially for the time conscious persons. Another key benefit of this game is that you can still enjoy your favorite casino games even when you don't have a computer of your own. You will just need to login to you your account and play the game at any place. This is more advantageous for people who travel a lot as they can access the games regardless of which part of the world they are.

However, the convenience of playing instant online games comes with some trade offs. To start with, playing the games come with some few security complications especially when you keep playing in different computers which you don't control. Playing casino games in internet cafes can comprise your login details and it is very risky in nature. Also, if you compare the graphics of instant casino games with the download versions, you will notice some differences even though this might not be a major concern.