Roulette Variations

If you are one of the people who are not yet initiated into the world of roulette, chances are high that you might probably been thinking that roulette is simply roulette and the game has no variations to it. That you only need to place the bets on a table and then spin the wheel hoping that luck will favor you. However, the truth is that there are different variations of roulette game available in a casino. The major alternative roulette game variants are five and include the European Roulette, French Roulette, American Roulette, Mini Roulette and Racetrack Roulette. Any of these variations can be encountered in either an online or offline casino and you should know what is expected of you.

European and American Roulette - Common Traces and Differences

The European Roulette table can easily be distinguished by the single green '0' present at the top of table. The good thing about using European roulette tables is that they are very easy and betting tends to grid fairly. The layout is also simple and self explanatory. Having just one '0' number present in European Roulette simply implies that this table offers the player the best odds out of the various roulette variants available. The next roulette game variant is the American roulette which is more or less similar to the European roulette version. The only difference between these two variants is that American roulette has an additional '00' at the top of the table. Apart from this, the two tables have almost the same table layout with the American game involving an additional number being thrown at the top.

You should keep in mind that payouts for the American version and European version are not different and as such American version doesn't favor players when it comes to the overall odds. The next variant is the French roulette which generally a redesign of European roulette table. The two tables offer similar betting options as well as the same odds. However, the appearance of the French version is different from the European version. As such, when playing roulette, you should look at the two tables-layouts and choose the one that you feel is appropriate or simpler for you.

Racetrack Roulette

The racetrack roulette is sometimes called the 'Roulette Pro' or the 'Roulette Gold'. Generally, this table features an additional betting section at the top of the main grid which allows you to place bets on the popular number combinations. Both the European and French table layouts have the racetrack area in them but it will depend on the casino. Odds in this table are the same and work as if you have placed each of them separately by the racetrack speeds up betting for some bet combinations. The last roulette game variant is the mini roulette. Actually, this is the least known roulette version as it is not common. The mini roulette table offers less numbers for players to choose from and only have few betting options available. Also, this game is known to give the house a bigger edge compared to the other roulette variants and playing it is not advisable as such.