72 Fortunes Slots

Some slot titles demand your attention, and we can surely include 72 Fortunes among them. There are no hints of anything other than prize potential there though, so let's see whether we can bring you any further details to help understand what's on offer.

Is this a large or small game?

Small, surprisingly, as it offers three reels with a separate fourth to the right of those. It also comes with a single payline.

One line makes it cheaper to play than many alternatives

You can go as low as three cents on your payline here, meaning you can get plenty of spins from a small budget. If you're looking for larger wagers, the most you can play a single spin with is $90.

72 Fortunes and the chance of playing some special elements

Don't look for wild or scatter symbols as there are none. You will see various messages on the fourth reel though. You may not land anything there, but if you do, you might get an Instant Win, a Respin, or perhaps a Multiplier Bonus.

Revealing the contents of the fourth reel in 72 Fortunes

If you land one of those message symbols on that reel, you trigger the associated feature. In the case of the Instant Win, you will get 8x your bet or even 18x your bet depending on the outcome.

The Respin bonus gives you a respin that is sure to land you a prize. You also receive a multiplier that could be anything from 1x to 4x. There is a chance of getting the Respin bonus icon up to five times on the trot, too.

Finally, the Multiplier Bonus will give you 2x, 5x, or 8x for a prize arriving on the payline on the same spin.

What did we make of the 72 Fortunes slot game?

We have yet to reveal the maker of this slot, which turns out to be Betsoft. They're best known for 3D games that are packed with detail, so they've dialed things back a bit here. That's no bad thing though because if you love three-reel games, this version packs in way more than you might expect.