Wheel of Chance II - The Big Wheel Slots

We love a sequel, and slots tend to fare better than movies in that category. Explore the Wheel of Chance II: The Big Wheel slot here, as we guide you through the game features you might see along the way.

How many reels and lines can you use here?

The sequel has five reels involved, and those offer 20 paylines.

You can play the game as a penny slot

A penny per line is ideal for many budgets and players. It gives you a 20-cent bet, although you can raise this to $10 per line at most.

Does the Wheel of Chance appear in the game?

It does, turning up as the wild across all the reels. You can also watch for stacked wilds… but only on the middle reel.

There are two scatters involved in this game as well. The first is for the free spin round, while the second is a bonus wheel.

How to find scatters to reveal bonuses in Wheel of Chance II The Big Wheel

Firstly, you can look for three, four, or five of the free spin scatters to receive 10, 20, or 40 free spins. That’s a generous round.

For the bonus trigger, you are required to get the bonus wheel scatter on the second and fourth reels at once. This triggers a larger wheel to appear, which you can then spin to show a prize.

You now have a choice. Will you keep that prize or return it to spin for another one? Bear in mind that the second prize could be smaller, but you must keep whatever you get on that spin. There is also the possibility that the second spin might lead to you going bust, but if that happens, the game does still grant you a small prize to walk away with. The bottom line is to be careful what you do.

Wheel of Chance II The Big Wheel is a worthy sequel to play

We thought this was a great game, offering plenty of ‘wheely good’ action throughout. Too much? It’s certainly an appealing game to play with lots of potential throughout. The Bonus Wheel is certainly the highlight, but the overall game is excellent too.