Holiday Feast Slots

Fall is one of our favorite seasons, and with Thanksgiving on the horizon, it's the perfect time to check out the Holiday Feast slot. If you're tempted by a pilgrim's hat, some pumpkin pie, and yes, a turkey, check out the following review to see if the game itself is tasty enough to play.

Is this a big game?

No - on the contrary, it's a small one, offering three reels and a single line inside the traditional one-armed bandit casing design.

Check your coins and betting options before you begin

There are plus and minus buttons to adjust the coin value, with one, two, or three credits available to place on the single payline.

What about special icons landing in the Holiday Feast slot?

You've got the pilgrim's hat as a wild, with one giving a 2x multiplier and two ramping that up to 4x the usual prize. The other crucial symbol to look for is the turkey.

What happens when the turkey shows up in Holiday Feast?

If the turkey shows up once on the payline, you will go through to the bonus round. You can only trigger this with three credits played on the line though, so it's ideal to choose the lowest value coin and to bet three if you can.

The round removes the reels from the screen and shows you a series of turkeys on the run. We guess you need to pick one and see what happens. We didn't manage to trigger it to know for sure, but there is a prize amount waiting depending on the outcome of your pick.

Will you chase after the turkey in the Holiday Feast slot game?

We guess you should! The game is small, for sure, but there are good prizes available, and the bonus turkey is surely the best bonus of the lot. It certainly packs a lot in considering the size of the game and proves to be the ideal game to play when Thanksgiving rolls around. It's ideal to sit and try with a slice of pumpkin pie too, we guess - and we don't need any excuses to try that stance! Unpack the Holiday Feast today and see what you make of it.